Project Giving

Your gifts in whole or part towards these projects will help improve and maintain KNDR for years to come. These capitol improvements and vital maintenance needs are not provided for in the yearly operating budget. Thank you for investing in the ministry of KNDR – Today’s Christian Music! We would love to visit with you about any questions you might have regarding these particular needs. DONATE HERE

(In order of priority of need.)

1. New Air Conditioning unit for 2017: Total cost – $5,250
Unfortunately, we cannot repair the old one and will need to have the whole unit replaced.

2. Back-up IPA Transmitter Module Rebuild: Total cost – $1,000
What is an IPA Transmitter Module? To keep it simple, it’s a critical component of our main transmitter, and our current module is within its 5-7 year life expectancy. We are anticipating its failure and this type of module fails without warning. KNDR is blessed to have a back-up module, but it needs to be rebuilt.
How will this module failure affect you? When the current IPA Transmitter Module fails, KNDR will be off the air for 5-10 business days until our back-up module gets rebuilt and installed. To have this component rebuilt and on hand will help KNDR to be back on the air within a 2 hour time window.

3. Main Transmitter Remote Control Replacement/Upgrade: Total cost – $3,500
What is a Transmitter Remote Control? This device, like the remote for your TV, which allows you to sit comfortably in your favorite recliner and make your TV do what you want, allows the KNDR staff to monitor and/or to turn the main transmitter (located in St. Anthony, ND, about 15 miles south of Mandan) on and off from a distance. We are currently using a 25 year old analog style Remote Control system.
If it ain’t broke, why fix it? The primary reason is in the USE of the current remote control system, which is like trying to text a message on the original flip phones! You know the drill…press the number 4 button twice for “H” and then 3 times for “i” to make the word “Hi.” Current Transmitter Remote Control technology would bring KNDR into the Smartphone era, which is internet based, has more options for monitoring our equipment and would function with exponentially greater convenience. Additionally, we have been informed that when our current system does indeed break, to our English teacher’s cringing we must tell you, “There ain’t no fixin’ it.”

4. Jingle Package Update: Total cost – $1,000
– What is a Jingle Package? Every time you hear one of those professionally recorded chorus’s sing, “KNDR 104.7 FM – Mandan, Bismarck!” you are hearing what is called a “Jingle.” It is a marketing tool to tell you that you are listening to KNDR! Oh, wait. You don’t remember anything like that, you say? We play our Jingles between 5-10 times an hour and you don’t recognize them!? There is a reason you may not! Our current package is 10 years old and is outdated and inconsistent with our current music trend. Your brain doesn’t even hear them anymore.
Why is having an updated Jingle Package important to the ministry of KNDR and to you? You and those scanning the radio dial will recognize KNDR more easily as that station who brought you that song in just the right moment or that inspiring Bible lesson that will change your life! Freshening up our Jingle package is just one way KNDR can be made known and remain relevant to our current and new listeners and future supporters.