What is a Faith-Promise/Pledge?
What is Sharathon?
Is my financial gift/donation to KNDR tax-deductible?
How is my financial gift/donation used?
Does KNDR accept Electronic Payment?
What is a Day Partnership?
What is a Memorial or Honorarium Gift/Donation?
What other gift/donation opportunities are there?
What happens when I cannot fulfill my faith-promise/pledge?
Does KNDR accept and announce prayer/praise requests?
What is a PSA?
Why do you air advertisements, when other non-profit stations do not?
How come KNDR airs some political advertising?
What is KNDR’s main listener demographic?
How can I find my favorite program's contact information?
What is a translator?


This is the amount of money you tell us you would like to give to KNDR during our fiscal year (Sept 1st through Aug 31st). Our operating budget is decided upon and managed from these figures which are primarily obtained during our annual Sharathon.  Keeping in the spirit of 2 Corinthians 9:7-11 all we ask is that you prayerfully and cheerfully decide what you would like to give and then trust in the Lord to provide all you need to fulfill your faith-promise/pledge.
This is what we call our yearly fundraising campaign which usually takes place the first Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning of October. We ask you to make a faith-promise or pledge to help share in our ministry continue with the mission of “helping others find the way to Christ” through KNDR’s format of contemporary Christian music and Bible-teaching programming.  To Donate to KNDR…

Yes! KNDR is a 501(c) (3) organization. You will receive a receipt of your gift/donation as well as a detailed Calendar Year End Summary for tax purposes. 

All monies received are used for the general operating needs of the station, unless otherwise specified.

Yes! In fact, more than ever, listeners are switching to electronic debit (EFT) or credit card donation options to honor their pledge. This is a safe, convenient and consistent way to give.  Click here for the Electronic Donation Authorization Form

What is a Day Partnership?

Day Partners are donors that care for the “listener portion” of a day’s broadcasting cost, which is content not covered by other sponsorships and advertisers.  The donor typically chooses a day that is special to them, such as an anniversary, birthday, memorial event or a holiday.  A sixty-second message is played 8 times on their special day. A Half-Day Partnership message is aired 4 times per day (AM or PM hours). A donor may also choose to not have a message aired, which is considered an anonymous Day Partnership.


A Memorial gift/donation is given in memory of someone who has died. An Honorarium gift/donation is given in honor of someone who is still alive.  Any Memorial/Honorarium gift/donation given to KNDR gets a special mention on-air and in our yearly printing of our Program Guide.  You will also receive a card so that you may inform others about your gift made to KNDR in your loved one's memory/honor.

Project Giving: KNDR has needs that include larger, capital improvements that are not included in the regular fiscal budget.  These items range from broadcast equipment and software to office equipment.  Click here to see a current list of Project Giving needs.

Estate Planning: This is a special way in which you can create a long-term legacy of support for KNDR through provisions in your Will, Trust, Annuity, Life Insurance and Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

KNDR is blessed in that approximately 90% of all faith-promises/pledges are fulfilled. While we ask that you provide us a faith-promise/pledge during our Sharathon so we can get an operating budget in place (above), we also know that life can be unpredictable, bringing “learning opportunities” of many varieties, shall we say. If you find yourself in one of those circumstances that do not permit you to responsibly fulfill your faith-promise/pledge, have peace in the knowledge that you are under no judgment from KNDR. 


Yes!  You can contact KNDR via mail, e-mail or phone.  Requests are shared throughout the broadcast day. Basic details of the prayer request/praise are highlighted so that personal privacy is protected.  KNDR primarily acts as a communicator of faith needs so the family of Christ may function as one in connecting, praying and interceding for each other.


A public service announcement is a free message on KNDR to help promote events and information in our broadcast communities.  PSA’s differ from paid advertising in that they are not guaranteed to air.  While public service announcements are free, they are aired at random on an as needed basis.  To submit a PSA...   For Advertising Inquiries (Darlene VanderVorst, Sales Rep.)…


Based upon our license through the FCC and our business entity designation with the IRS, KNDR can sell a limited amount of advertising to sustain our operating needs. We are grateful for the faithful advertisers that support the Christian outreach of KNDR. KNDR is also pleased that our individual donation base is such that we can keep advertisements to a minimum.  For Advertising inquiries (Darlene VanderVorst, Sales Rep.)…   To Donate to KNDR…


Based upon our license through the FCC, KNDR must make air-time available for certain political candidate advertisements. The views, comments or opinions expressed in these advertisements are those paying for the advertisement only and do not necessarily represent the views of Central Dakota Enterprises, Inc., DBA: KNDR Radio, its management or employees.


Our contemporary Christian music and Bible-teaching program format is designed specifically for the enjoyment and benefit of women ages 25 to 54 and for families with children.  While this is our target audience, we acknowledge and value our listeners of every demographic and are blessed to have you as an important part our listening family.


Head over to the Programs Tab, under the On-Air Page. Simply click on your favorite program and a link will take you to their official website.


In layman’s terminology, a translator picks-up and rebroadcasts KNDR’s signal outside of the original broadcast area. These “mini stations” simply, but significantly expand the broadcast coverage or ministry area of KNDR.  Most translators broadcast at 250 watts or approximately out to a 30 mile radius (in comparison to KNDR’s 100,000 watt broadcast coverage area). Translator stations have their own assigned frequency, licensed from the FCC (Example: KNDR’s Mobridge, SD translator can be heard in the Mobridge area at 107.1 on the FM dial).  KNDR translators are owned by individuals or organizations independent from KNDR as a ministry outreach.  For more information, please contact Brad Bales, KNDR Station Manager. 

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